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So here are our latest blogs sharing what we have learnt lately, we hope it will make your life easier.
Data suggests you should get the COVID-19 vaccine

Data suggests you should get the COVID-19 vaccine

Data suggests you should get the COVID-19 vaccine Data for this New Zealand focused blog was collected from various worldwide sources between the 18th and 31st August 2021. A list of sources can be found at the end. NZ is currently vaccinating solely with the...

Graduating from a World of Orange

In my very first blog for OptimalBI I said that breaking from my comfort zone was something I would always strive to do. That blog was about me joining OptimalBI and the excitement that lay ahead. Now, one year and eight months down the track it is time for me to...

ODE – Migrating Configuration Data

ODE – Migrating Configuration Data

We have recently been discussing various ways we can promote our configuration data for Optimal Data Engine (ODE) from one environment to the next. Our config data is the heart and soul of ODE, it is the foundation for the entire engine.
The config in ODE is the relational data model we have built that holds all of the configuration required to make ODE run. It includes definitions for all source and targets, as well as any mappings.

Data Vault Design: Hub Tables

When designing your Data Vault, you first start with defining the Hub tables.  The Data Vault is made up of many subject areas, and each Hub is the central piece to each core subject.  If you’re confused already, I recommend you have a read of my introductory Data...

Data Vault: Agile Data Warehousing for the Future

What happens when you take the best of 3rd Normal Form and the best of the Dimensional Star Schema, and mix them together?  You get Data Vault. Data Vault is a data warehousing modelling technique that makes designing a robust, agile, historical and future-proof data...

The power of a friendly work place challenge

Here at Optimal BI we have spent the month of May competing against each other in a step challenge.  There were varying aspects of this challenge, most amount of 10,000+ steps in a day, biggest single day and most steps overall.  You can read Vic's and Geoff's blog on...