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Question Time: Our lights are s*#t, what should we do?

Question Time: Our lights are s*#t, what should we do?

After a few beers on Friday night, we got talking about the office lights and where they were on a scale of one to crap. Having had a few by this point I merrily volunteered my skills to answer the question of what we should do, whether to repair them, replace them...

Getting started with Trifacta

I'm doing some work over the next few weeks creating visualisations, using Trifacta for data prep and QlikSense to make them pretty. I've spent a little bit of time getting my head around Trifacta and thought I'd help others get started. INSTALLING TRIFACTA...

Filtering Multiple Datasets in Yellowfin

I was recently tasked with creating a chart in Yellowfin with a graph at the top and a couple of charts underneath showing the current value and the value from last month. This meant we needed different datasets for each chart within the same report. I started by...