Attunity – A SAS administrators view

by | Jul 19, 2016

I recently attended a two-day training course on Attunity Replicate in the Optimal HQ training room in Wellington.
I was surprised at the simplicity of Attunity’s architecture and how similar it is to SAS. Attunity Replicate is generally installed on its own server using database clients to access the required End Points. It reads the metadata of the source End Point, extracts the required data and then loads in into the target End Point.
When you take the top off and go into the detail the simplicity ends. There is a large array of options and controls you can use to fine tune your replication. I would also recommend installing Attunity Replicate on a Windows server as it does not run on Apple and has an open security structure when installed on Linux.
So if you have a need to replicate your database you should definitely give Attunity Replicate a try. You can find out more about Attunity here.
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