An Unexpected Journey

by | Aug 15, 2016

I’m from Denmark

Greetings. My name is Lasse and I am 23 years old. Born and raised in Denmark where I grew up on a pig farm outside a small village called Hunderup. I lived with my parents and one of my two brothers back home on the farm my dad bought from his dad, my granddad. Farming taught me to work hard and to be helpful because suddenly I could be in the need of help. What you give is what you get.
I was on my way to becoming a marketing manager and my 4th semester is an internship. Then out of the blue occurs this opportunity for me to come to New Zealand and do the internship here instead of doing it back home. I have chosen OptimalBI as the company where I am going to be for the next 3 months.

My biggest love in this world is …

My biggest love in my life is my family and friends, but I love travelling. It awakens curiosity and fearlessness inside me and it makes me a happier, more open-minded and better-at-dealing-with-challenges kind of guy. I think travelling makes me a more orientated person and teaches me a better understanding of the small differences between two persons with different cultural backgrounds as well.

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The choice is Wellington

I chose Wellington because I read that Wellington is the most beautiful capital in the world. It’s kind of nice to get that one on the CV, isn’t it? My expectation is to see great architecture and I am really hoping to catch some cozy moments at the harbour. Maybe with a couple of cocktails, who knows. Coming from the countryside and to be living in a big city such as Wellington is not going to be a challenge. I used to live in Cardiff, which is the capital of Wales, for 4 and a half months earlier this year. Another reason I chose Wellington is that New Zealand is known for their great hospitality. That is nice to have when you are lost in a city 18,000 km away from home comfort, the people and the places you know so well.
On my second day, I visited Mount Victoria. It was so cool up there. I am looking forward to warmer weather, so I really can enjoy the view from the lookout. I think the point that fascinates me the most is that Wellington lies in a valley, so you have lookouts all around the city. I am looking forward to exploring this city more while I’m living here. So far it really has been raining and blowing a lot, but Saturday I went to the harbour and it was amazing. No rain, no wind, just sunshine and it was actually kind of warm. That was a good day to go explore the beauty of the city.

OptimalBI, a place for me

The first meeting with OptimalBI was with Geoff Hunt and Sarah Habershon at my interview to become  part of the team. I managed to be 5 min late and by the time I got into the conversation I couldn’t get my webcam working. Despite the worst start ever, they were still there. It turned into a good interview. I got some understanding of the work they were going to give me. They got to know more about me and what I could bring to the table. Geoff and Sarah were very different. Geoff in classic black and white. Sarah in primary colours such as yellow and red. There were a big contrast and two very different accents. I started thinking that there must be a place for me as well with this team of very different people. So when they weren’t going to say no, I for sure wasn’t going to either.

Getting down to business

So here I am at my own desk in the middle of the office, trying to work out what business intelligence is all about. It’s interesting, so, if you don’t really know what it is, you should definitely look into it, these guys can help you, you got my word on that!


This part should probably be at the top, but here we go. I am truthfully grateful for getting this chance. I have been given the nickname “Steve” which isn’t the worst nickname ever but please at least try to use Lasse instead. Thank you, David.
Lasse Kristensen – A man who dares to waste one hour of time has not discovered the value of life (Charles Darwin).    
Lasse will be blogging about his experience here as an OptimalBI intern and his adventures in Wellington.
You can read Lasse’s blog An adventure of a lifetime and Jack’s blog about Lasse here.
We run regular business intelligence courses in both Wellington and Auckland. Find out more here.



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