An adventure of a lifetime

by | Sep 26, 2016

Still here luckily. At this particular moment I am sitting in the exact same chair, at the exact same desk as I was when I wrote the first blog. There haven’t really been any big changes since the publishing of the first blog. At the office, I have worked hard on building a marketing platform for our new product OSA before it launches, which has been great trying out the theory I learned back home at the Business Academy.
Personally, I just got over a tough period, where I felt incredibly homesick and was lost without a credit card. My luck finally turned. The homesickness disappeared and through the mail, a new credit card arrived.
The other day I went through some work I did with Geoff Hunt. We discussed this experience of mine actually being my first time doing marketing as a job. For that reason, the expectations have to be kept on a reasonable level. Hopefully, I will show that I have been paying attention in my studies and have received valuable knowledge from them.
So what have I been up to since my first blog? I went to the opening day of Victoria University, which was amusing and educational. I joined an ultimate Frisbee team, so every Sunday you can see me at the recreation centre playing Frisbee.


Source: Lasse Kristensen

I’ve had some spare time as well. I went on a road trip with my brother. We are both keen Lord of the Rings and Hobbit fans, so the destination was Hobbiton. We rented a car on Friday afternoon and we were ready to go. But then a problem occurred. We only had our Danish driver licenses, so they wouldn’t allow us to get the car before we had a valid translation. However, after a quick Google search, we found a person, who could do the translation in a couple of hours. We jumped on the bus, headed home and got our host mom to take us there. Picked up the translation, and got back to the rental company where we were able to finally get the car. The rest of the journey was a piece of cake compared to the beginning. We arrived safe and sound at Hobbiton and it was a great experience to see the movie set. We even got home without getting into any trouble. In the end, we had an amazing trip. We learned a valuable lesson and next time we will be better prepared.
“For the things, we have to learn before we can do them, we learn by doing them.”
― Aristotle.
Lasse Kristensen will be blogging about his experience here as an OptimalBI intern and his adventures in Wellington.
You can read Lasse’s blog An Unexpected Journey and Jack’s blog about Lasse here.
We run regular business intelligence courses in both Wellington and Auckland. Find out more here.



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