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by | Oct 30, 2018

Over the last few years there has been a rise of the Data Vault, and we’ve been right there with it.  Our data warehouse developers are Data Vault Certified by the Genesee Academy, and we regularly host Hans or Remco from Genesee in our training room so you can also become Data Vault Certified.
In fact, that next course is coming up pretty soon in Wellington – December 5-7 and will be run by Hans Hultgren.
But enough about that.  To get you in the data vault mood, I’ve compiled a bunch of our blogs on the subject for your reading pleasure.

Data Vault for beginners

If you’re new to data vault, you can start with what is Data Vault, 3 reasons why data vault rocks, why your data warehouse needs data vault, or you can read about getting data vault certified from both Brian and Kate.

Information about data vault’s agility and star schemas.

Sometimes the best way to learn something is by doing it.  Data Vault is great that way because it’s agile, block by block.  Try reading building star schemas from a business data vault, or data vault:  the end of the star?

And if that’s not enough

There’s also ensemble modeling, maintaining standards and graph databases.

For the bonus round

At the recent Data Vault conference in Colorado, Hans talks about Ensemble Logical Modeling (ELM) which is worth the 30 min watch (you can skip the first 5 mins).  Or you can read Shaun’s blog there must be a better way to do data science than dumping the entire database every time.
Hope you enjoyed that,

Surprisingly, that’s not actually all of our data vault related blogs!  You can read the whole lot here.  Or why not consider becoming data vault certified by the Genesee Academy?


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