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by | Nov 28, 2014



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Jonathan Sellar ready to BEAM*.
One of my jobs at OptimalBI is to be the ‘Runner’ for our An Optimal Introduction to BEAM* workshops, Victoria tells us what the fuss about BEAM* is here. I do the running around of bookings, room set up, lunch ordering and tidy up. This allows our course facilitators to concentrate on delivering a outstanding workshop to our participants. A part of my job as Runner is collecting up the feedback forms after the workshop is over. So can know from our feedback that there are at least four big reasons to attend An Optimal Introduction to BEAM*:

  1. All of the attendees at the last workshop would recommend it, this is in line with the other BEAM* workshops.
  2. Attendees found the mix of instructor-led explanation and group exercises worked for them.
  3. The vast majority of attendees were ready to give BEAM* a go, some with mentoring.
  4. The comments we get are overwhelmingly positive, for example; BEAM* is a ‘new effective way to gather business requirements’, that we put on ‘an excellent course’ and that BEAM* ‘enables tech based conversations with business folk’.

This is why being the Runner for our BEAM* workshops is one of my favourite jobs.
Sure, I work for OptimalBI and part of my job is also marketing BEAM* courses. But I don’t say things I don’t believe. I can tell you that four reasons you should attend our next workshop are that the four people who did our last would recommend because it is true. I wouldn’t say it otherwise.
If you work in the data space and agree with this statement from one of our participants that ‘it’s important to create reports that achieve what they need to’, then An Optimal Introduction to BEAM is for you.
One of our facilitators is Shaun and you can read his blog on BEAM* hereDan has written about being BEAM* and the Agile BA here and Geoff gives us his thoughts here.
So, what are you waiting for? Get in touch with me here and I will book you on the next workshop on the 11 of December. If you would like us to put on a private workshop for your team, of four or more participants, we can do that too. Private workshops allow your team to talk together about how they would apply BEAM* to their business.
Finally, BEAM* is based on the work of Lawrence Corr and he is coming to New Zealand in March next year, you can find out all the details here and this would be a great extension to anybody who has attended our introductory workshop.
Success is preparation meets opportunity – Jack
You can book your place on the next Data Driven Requirements Gathering Course here.
BEAM* = Business Event and Activity Modelling, is the creation of Lawrence Corr and the Optimal Introduction to BEAM* has been developed with his blessing in anticipation of him running his full workshop.

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