3 Reasons Data Vault Rocks!

by | Jan 21, 2016

We think Data Vault is pretty cool and continually recommend it as the best way to model your data warehouse. Here are three reasons why!

1. Model Quickly

Data Vault allows you to very quickly transform your source data into structures that store history and better suit the needs of your business. That way, when the business requires a new report, you are able to quickly deliver it to them. Data Vault modelling uses simple and repeatable patterns to store all your data. Business keys live in one table, relationships in another and context attributes in a third. Knowing how your data should be stored allows you to automate a large chunk of the process, and doing this allows you to easily repeat it in the future, which leads to number 2…

2. Change Quickly

Data Vault is designed to be easily adjusted and changed to suit your business as it grows and changes. Data Vault is designed to be segmented into slices of your business allowing you to easily bring in a new slice and adapt a current slice should the need to change it arise. We call these slices ensembles and each ensemble represents some kind of business context. Using the repeatable, automated design pattern described above, you can change or add a new ensemble with relative ease.

3. Future Proof

Nothing in the Data Vault is ever deleted, everything is stored forever. That way you have a complete history of all your data at a particular point in time. If your business feels the need to completely redesign all of their reports, you are well equipped to do so. If the business suddenly has the urge to produce reports on historic data, you are equipped to do so. Being able to continually adapt to inevitable changes within your organisation allows you to grow your current data warehouse as opposed to having to commission a new one every few years.
These are just three reasons Data Vault rocks! There are many more, check out our Data Vault Blogs and visit ODE.ninja
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