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So here are our latest blogs sharing what we have learnt lately, we hope it will make your life easier.

Pokemon or Big Data, that is the question

If you haven't seen it do take the "Is it Pokemon or Big Data?" Quiz. Not new but always cracks me up and a great party game. Do the quiz now before you read this blog though or you won't find it quite as hilarious.   It's been a while since I first took this...

Trifacta training videos, Lesson 1

Previously I've blogged about Trifacta training videos giving an overview of what I thought of them as videos. Having done that I was curious to see what happened if I actually followed them and did the course. So, this is me going into detail by following the videos...

Narratives for Qlik: Natural language generation

How do you tell the story? Here at OptimalBI, we are about making information visible. We love for data to tell a story. We are also very big on visual data storytelling. Scott is writing an infographic guide series of blogs and Sarah has written A brief (and...

RapidMiner 7.5: What’s new

The latest version of RapidMiner Studio is 7.5 Here at OptimalBI, we are big fans of RapidMiner so what’s new and why should you care? This is the short version: A new data core to improve memory with an open API for developers Improved integration with Cloud Better...

Trifacta: What’s new

We are big fans of Trifacta. We’ve even written about what’s new with Trifacta before. Trifacta is always releasing new features and bug fixes so this blog covers the latest updates in the release of Trifacta Enterprise Wrangler Version 4 dated 03.03.2017. What’s new...



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