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So here are our latest blogs sharing what we have learnt lately, we hope it will make your life easier.

Advanced Google queries

Recently I have been doing some research tasks which naturally require a lot of Googling. A recurring theme of these tasks was frustration. Frustration from finding the same 5 results over and over, results with only one or none of the topics you are looking for, or...

Supporting the Business

Hello, business leader!  How does your business grow?  Where are the weeds hiding?  Do you know?  Is this information that your business intelligence is providing?  Maybe not.  What needs to happen so that you will know?  Keep reading and I'll give you my thoughts. By...

Qlik Sense – Change in Architecture

In the recent Qlik Sense 3.1 Service Release 2 I see that Qlik has introduced a new “Shared Persistence” storage model for multi-node installations. In this post, I will quickly explain what the “Share Persistence” model is and what that means for the installation...



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