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So here are our latest blogs sharing what we have learnt lately, we hope it will make your life easier.

On witchcraft, Trump and evidentiary standards

In the spring of 1692, the Massachusetts Bay Colony fell victim to a wave of murderous public hysteria that claimed the lives of twenty five people. It wasn’t until after the Salem Village doctor had already diagnosed the ‘bewitchment’ of two young girls who had been...

Statistics Within Business Intelligence

People talked a lot about Data Science in my coaching and mentoring sessions last year, there was a lot of confusion!  Specifically about the technical skills needed to be a data scientist - my last blog covered the Computer Science t-skills, this blog looks at the...

Integrating Confluence into a website.

There are many reasons you may want to incorporate Confluence into your own website. My reason was to use it as a knowledge base for trouble shooting. Along my research journey I have found and few options for accomplishing this task. I will only cover the basics about what I found as I am by no means an expert in the matter.

My way to the world of New Zealand IT

Changing places pushes you out of your comfort zone (in a good way) and makes you learn new things. Moving to NZ helped me to look at the area of interest in my professional field from another perspective, and working for different companies gave much deeper...

5 Qlik blogs you should check out

Recently, I blogged about the Top 5 OptimalBI Qlik Blogs. But we aren't the only people blogging about Qlik. We need to keep reading, to keep learning to keep improving. So, these are our picks of the other Qlik blogs you should be reading. Qlik Blog What is this blog...

Happy Holidays – see you in 2017!

2016 was a pretty busy one for us! When the end of the year comes, it's a good time to look back at the year that was to reflect on the good times, remember the lessons, and to wonder that 2017 will bring. Here's some photos of OptimalBI's 2016.  If you want to know...



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