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So here are our latest blogs sharing what we have learnt lately, we hope it will make your life easier.

Gamification – A few tips to get started

Last time we had a quick look at the general concept of what gamification is and how getting your brain a squirt of our old friend dopamine can help engage our users like never before. This week I'll have a look at a few ways we can start to gamify our applications....

Using a REST API for the first time.

  Image source Rest API's; the big scary monster that I've put off using for a long time. I put off approaching API's for so long they eventually approached me instead. In the project I am currently involved with there is a need for Rest API use and I had to face...

In praise of Git for muggles

Over the last few weeks I’ve been refining the Git training course I developed with Tim by testing it on various OptimalBI employees. Git being a version control system intended for use by software developers, I selected my first rounds of guinea pigs from our...

How to get free SSL Certificates

I recently discovered a free service that can provide SSL certificates. It's called Let's Encrypt and in the correct use cases, it's a great tool to have in your developer's arsenal. At this point, I should point out a few things worth knowing. The certificate has a...



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